Things to in Dubai for Solo : Discovering the Best Dessert Spots

August 3, 2023 • 4 min read

Welcome, dessert enthusiasts and sweet-toothed explorers! As you all know, Dubai is a city renowned for its extravagant dining scene, offering a culinary tapestry that caters to every palate. From the finest international cuisines to the most delectable local dishes, this vibrant city has it all, including a plethora of sweet creations waiting to be explored! So, if you’re looking for things to do in Dubai, indulging in the sweet side of life should definitely be on your list! Join us on this exciting culinary journey through the city’s top dessert spots, because when in Dubai, the dessert scene is truly extraordinary. As we embark on this tantalising adventure, get ready to experience a mosaic of flavours, textures, and cultural influences that create an array of sweet treats that are nothing short of extraordinary. In Dubai, you’ll find traditional Arabian delights that whisper stories of ancient times, as well as innovative and mouthwatering fusions that redefine dessert bliss. Whether you’re a local looking for new dessert havens or a visitor eager to explore Dubai’s culinary gems, this blog is your golden ticket to a world of sugary delights. We’ll take you on a scrumptious journey, uncovering hidden gems and popular hotspots that will leave your taste buds dancing with joy. So, get ready to savour the most tempting delicacies as we reveal the dessert secrets of Dubai’s vibrant food scene. Let the sweetness of our blog sweep you off your feet and into a realm of pure dessert euphoria! Are you ready to embark on this delightful voyage? Let’s dive into the captivating world of Dubai’s top dessert spots and awaken the sweet lover within you! Don’t forget to add exploring the dessert scene to your list of things to do in Dubai!

Kunafa Bliss at Firas Sweets

Step into a world of pure dessert royalty as we begin our mouthwatering journey at Firas Sweets, home to the esteemed Kunafa,”  the crowned jewel of Arabic desserts! With a rich history spanning across the Middle East, each region has contributed its own unique touch to perfecting this sweet, golden delight over the years. At Firas Sweets, they take pride in crafting the finest Kunafa, ensuring the customers receive the regal treat they truly deserve. Picture this: layers of luscious cheese, embraced by crisp, flaky pastry, all drenched in fragrant sugar syrup. One bite, and you’ll be whisked away to a world of indulgence and tradition. So, prepare to have your taste buds dance in delight as we embark on this sweet adventure, beginning with the queen herself, Kunafa at Firas Sweets!


Best Sellers at Firas Sweets – In addition to their renowned and top-selling Kunafa, Firas Sweets also serves the finest Warbat cream (puff pastry with cream filling) and Qatayef (mini pancakes filled with nuts, raisins, and cheese), both of which have become essential must-haves on my list.

Baklava at Al Baba Sweets

Gather around, fellow dessert adventurers, as we embark on a delectable journey to Dubai’s top dessert spots! Our next stop promises to be a delightful treat for your taste buds—none other than Al Baba Sweets and their legendary Baklava. With an impressive 67-year legacy, Al Baba Sweets has earned its place as one of the leading and most innovative Arabic sweets companies in the Middle East, with flavours that will transport you through time and borders. Picture this: a dessert born during the Ottoman Empire, now celebrated across Europe, the Levant, and the Middle East. Baklava is a sweet symphony of bite-sized pleasures, adorned with the finest nuts and arranged meticulously on a tray. At Al Baba Sweets, this international Arabian delicacy is crafted with passion and tradition, ensuring that every morsel overflows with sweetness. So, join us as we relish in the rich heritage and enchanting flavours of Al Baba Sweets’ Baklava, a treat that will surely leave you craving for more. Let’s continue this delectable expedition and uncover the magic of Dubai’s top dessert havens together!


Best Sellers at Al Baba Sweets – At Al Baba Sweets, you’ll discover a delightful assortment of desserts, including Baklavas, Barazek, Assorted mini Maamoul, frozen Kunafa cheese, Karabij with Natif, Assorted Maamoul Madd, Kunafa cheese, Nougat, and Malban, ensuring a heavenly experience for every sweet tooth.

Bukaj Delights at Al Samadi Sweets

Prepare to be transported through time and taste as we venture to our third stop on this delectable journey: Al Samadi Sweets and their extraordinary Bukaj! Established in 1872, Al Samadi Sweets carries a rich legacy where tradition and the finest ingredients blend seamlessly, expertly crafted by their watchful and skilled master chefs. Step into this enchanting bakery and cafe, where every bite tells a story of artistry and passion. From the spiced date cookie, maamoul, to the delightful Bukaj, a cashew nut-stuffed baklava pouch, Al Samadi Sweets promises a mystical experience like no other. But the delights don’t end there! Indulge in one of the city’s finest halawet el-jibn, a heavenly creation of semolina and cheese dough filled with clotted cream and topped with syrup and rose petal jam. It’s a taste of pure indulgence! So, dear dessert adventurers, immerse yourself in the mesmerising world of Al Samadi Sweets, where flavours, textures, and stories blend harmoniously to create an unforgettable experience. Get ready to elevate your dessert cravings to new heights as we continue this sweet expedition through Dubai’s top dessert havens!


Best Sellers at Al Samadi Sweets – At Al Samadi Sweets, you’re in for a treat with their delectable offerings, from freshly baked maamoul and maamoul dates to the indulgent Kunafa, cakes, baklawa, awamat, halawet al gebn, karabeej halab with natef, mooshabak, stuffed dates, barazek, ghraybeh, and sfouf.

Red Velvet Cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery

Get ready to indulge in the epitome of American dessert charm as we make our fourth stop at Magnolia Bakery’s iconic red velvet cupcakes! Hailing from the heart of NYC, this beloved landmark has been enchanting taste buds for years with their hand-crafted classics, and now it’s time for Dubai to experience the magic. Step inside Bloomingdale’s Home, where Magnolia Bakery beckons you with its delightful display of sweet creations. Among their oldest and best-selling treats, the classic-style red velvet cupcake steals the show. Imagine sinking your teeth into a crimson-coloured, chocolate-flavoured cake crowned with heavenly whipped vanilla icing—a match made in dessert heaven! But the delights don’t end there; Magnolia Bakery boasts an array of cupcakes that will tempt you beyond measure. From classic favourites to imaginative twists, each cupcake is a work of art, handcrafted with love and finesse. Dear dessert enthusiasts, get ready to be dazzled by the charm of Magnolia Bakery’s red velvet cupcakes and explore a world of sweet wonders. As we continue our expedition through Dubai’s top dessert spots, let your taste buds dance with joy, savouring each delectable bite. A cupcake paradise awaits!


Best Sellers at Magnolia Bakery – Magnolia Bakery offers an extensive selection of desserts, encompassing delights such as chocolate hazelnut brownie, strawberry scones, chocolate milk cake, mango milk cake, and an assortment of cupcakes. The bakery presents a diverse range of mouthwatering treats for all dessert enthusiasts to savour and enjoy.

Camel Milk Gelato from NOUQ

As our dessert expedition through Dubai reaches its final destination, get ready to savour a truly unique and exotic treat: camel milk gelato from NOUQ! In a groundbreaking feat, NOUQ has proudly claimed the title of the world’s first camel milk gelato and chocolates, crafted right here in Dubai. Indulge in the splendours of Gulf tradition with every spoonful of NOUQ’s premium ice cream, meticulously made to their own special recipe. With 65% whole organic camel milk and a medley of natural ingredients, each bite offers a celebration of flavours and Emirati roots. The NOUQ brand is a testament to the versatility and nutritional benefits of camel milk, artfully showcasing its essence through their light, creamy gelato. Immerse yourself in a symphony of over ten flavours, each expertly crafted to leave a lasting impression. Don’t miss your chance to relish this exceptional delicacy! Experience the delights of NOUQ’s camel milk gelato at select five-star hotels, restaurants, cafes, and retailers across the UAE. It’s a sweet finale to our culinary adventure, offering a taste of Dubai like no other. Embrace the unique and savour every moment!


Best Sellers at Nouq – Nouq owns an impressive collection of crowd favourites, including strawberry ice cream, Nouq mango camel milk gelato, chocolate chip Camel milk gelato, Arabic mastic Camel milk gelato, and honey saffron Camel milk gelato, among others. This exceptional lineup of bestsellers offers a delightful variety of flavours that cater to every taste preference.


Congratulations, fellow dessert adventurers! Our culinary quest through Dubai’s top dessert spots has been a delectable delight. From the regal charm of Kunafa at Firas Sweets to the time-honoured Baklava at Al Baba Sweets and the captivating Bukaj at Al Samadi Sweets, we’ve savoured a medley of flavours and cultural fusions. And who could forget the one-of-a-kind camel milk gelato from NOUQ, a true celebration of Gulf tradition? So, on your next visit, be sure to indulge, explore, and savour the magic of Dubai’s sweet wonders. Prepare yourselves, as we’ll be back with the second part of this blog soon! Until then, keep your taste buds ready for new adventures—bon appétit!


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