The Wait is Over : Dubai Miracle Garden’s Blooming Returns in October

September 15, 2023 • 4 min read

Who can resist the enchanting allure of flowers? Their vibrant colours and fragrant blooms have the extraordinary ability to lift our spirits. And if you’re in Dubai, there’s one place that’s been on everyone’s wish list for a while: the captivating Dubai Miracle Garden, a must-visit for those seeking exciting things to do in Dubai. However, it’s been a bit of a wait as this floral paradise temporarily closed its doors for the summer season and a bit of rejuvenation. But here’s the fantastic news: the wait is finally over! This October, Dubai Miracle Garden is preparing to welcome visitors again, and it’s going to be a blooming spectacle you won’t want to miss. In this blog, we’re excited to bring you the ultimate guide to Dubai Miracle Garden. Join us as we explore this floral wonderland, share some fascinating insights, and provide you with tips to make your visit truly unforgettable. So, get ready to immerse yourself in a world of blossoms and beauty as we dive into the grand reopening of Dubai Miracle Garden in October.

About Miracle Garden

Main Attractions at Dubai Miracle Garden

Hill Top : The vivid blooms at Dubai Miracle Garden create a feeling of height and dimension. When visitors stroll through the garden, they follow a delightful path that leads them to a lower section. From this viewpoint, you can relish a distinctive view of the incline, where the vibrant flowers ascend from the base to the elevated areas. In this upper region, Dubai Miracle Garden resembles a valley of astonishment. Enjoy your time at the coffee houses and ice cream bar at Dubai Miracle Garden!


Emirates A380 : With its distinctive double-decker design, the Airbus A380 stands as one of the world’s most adored superjumbo jets. Among all the airlines, Emirates, Dubai’s flagship carrier, boasts the largest fleet of these magnificent aircraft. To pay homage to this aviation marvel in a truly natural fashion, we joined forces with Emirates Airline to create a remarkable masterpiece: the world’s most massive floral installation, a life-sized rendition of the Emirates A380. Nestled within the heart of the world’s largest flower garden, our A380 masterpiece is adorned with over 500,000 fresh flowers and thriving plants. Erected four years ago, this structure holds the distinction of being the largest ever built within the garden, earning itself a coveted Guinness World Record. It’s no surprise that our A380 floral tribute has become one of the most beloved attractions.


Umbrella Tunnel : Dubai Miracle Garden features several vibrant and creatively designed passages, with one of the most captivating being the Umbrella Passages. These unique spaces showcase ceilings crafted from inverted umbrellas, forming rings that are interspersed with bands of matching-coloured flowers. The addition of hanging green plants between these sections creates a rainforest ambiance. These passages serve more than just as walkways. They provide socially distant seating arrangements with tables, offering visitors another delightful spot to relish a meal from the garden’s diverse dining options, sip on a coffee, inhale the floral fragrances, or simply take a momentary respite from their stroll.


Lake Park : The combination of water and flowers is nothing short of enchanting, and you can witness this magical blend at our Lake Park. Here, nature’s beauty comes alive as floral villas and 3D flower-adorned models are reflected against the backdrop of the clear blue sky. The result is a breathtaking explosion of vibrant colours, from rich purples and lush greens to fiery reds, delicate pinks, sunny oranges, and tranquil blues. This picturesque setting is the perfect opportunity to unleash your smartphone’s pro or HDR mode and capture stunning, fully saturated photos with your loved ones. With charming waterside creature models nestled alongside sea travel vessels, all intricately designed to harmonise with Dubai Miracle Garden’s floral themes, the Lake Park not only embraces the essence of H2O but also infuses it with a floral makeover that’s truly captivating.


Floating Lady : Miracle Garden’s latest addition, the Floating Lady, defies gravity with arms outstretched and carefree, her long hair gracefully cascading towards the ground. Her attire steals the spotlight, adorned with red and white petunias that gracefully descend from her elevated horizontal position, creating an enchanting illusion as if she has been gently summoned into the sky by some enigmatic ancient force. In the backdrop, the spires of the Floral Castle come into view, nestled in the middle distance.


Smurfs Village : The world’s largest natural flower garden is introducing an exciting new attraction that will be a hit with both kids and the young at heart. Dubai Miracle Garden proudly presents the launch of its brand-new Smurfs Village for the winter season. Imagine stepping into a forest of mushroom houses, just like the ones inhabited by the Smurfs in their harmonious village. Based on the beloved Belgian comics, acclaimed movies, and television series, the Smurfs are those iconic small, blue creatures who dwell in charming mushroom-shaped homes. As guests enter this enchanting village, they will be transported into the world of the Smurfs. Expect delightful surprises, whimsical structures, and designs inspired by these beloved characters and their unique homes. A dedicated section of the garden will be transformed, featuring special zones and areas for visitors, all surrounded by a vibrant and captivating display of natural, colorful flowers and plants. Get ready for extraordinary pathways, mesmerising landscapes, and even some surprise characters and spectacular evening shows to make your visit truly magical.


Floral Clock : Time is a peculiar concept; we often find ourselves preoccupied with it and frequently feel like it slips away too swiftly. While our usual go-to for time-checking is our phone or wristwatch, there’s something refreshing about observing it from a different perspective. Dubai Miracle Garden offers just that in the form of a magnificent 15-metre floral clock. Crafted from real plants and flowers, its designs undergo seasonal changes, symbolising the ever-shifting sands of time, daylight variations, and weather fluctuations. The clock’s mechanical components were imported from the United States, while the ingenious design was conceptualised by our in-house landscaping experts at Miracle Garden Landscaping.


3D Floral Design : The vivid colours, intricate designs, and structural marvels of our 3D floral characters are a testament to our team’s artistry, specially crafted to captivate visitors at the region’s most renowned flower garden. We breathed new life into this concept by seamlessly blending these characters with vibrant flowers, endowing them with remarkable aesthetics and distinct designs. From colossal floral mushrooms to humanoid ants adorned with flowery thoraxes, and from swans adorned with roses to cars energised by blossoms, our team’s creativity knows no limits. These attractions have consistently remained a cherished favourite among Dubai Miracle Garden’s visitors.


Sunflower Field : As the name implies, sunflowers are truly sun enthusiasts. They have an innate need for sunlight, to the extent that when they are young, they actually turn to face the sun. Therefore, it’s no surprise that sunflowers are at their most splendid on sunny days. Their vibrant yellow petals absorb and reflect sunlight beautifully, serving as a naturally stunning backdrop for photographs, whether you’re using a professional-grade DSLR camera or a more modest smartphone. This effect is amplified when you find yourself amidst a field brimming with thousands of these radiant blooms. Interestingly, a sunflower is not just a single flower; it’s comprised of thousands of tiny ones. That’s why the central brown part feels so fuzzy—it’s the sensation of many tiny flowers clustered together!

How to reach Dubai Miracle Garden

Essential Information Before you visit Dubai Miracle Garden

Amenities at Dubai Miracle Garden

  • Open parking and VIP parking options.
  • Designated sitting areas and a prayer room.
  • Restroom facilities.
  • Convenient carts for handicapped visitors.
  • Souvenir shops to enhance your experience.

Tips Before you visit Dubai Miracle Dubai Garden


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    2801, Mazata Business Avenue BB2,
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    jumeirah Lakes Towers,
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